20140425-222446.jpgI took this photo a couple of days ago as we headed to the entrance of a church. I looked up and to me it looked like two hands reaching for each other. It may be farfetched, but with imagination, it might work. 😉

I am grateful this evening to have been given a chance to visit an old family friend, Uncle N. He is Uncle M‘s old classmate when they were kids in the home country, so there is a lot of history.

Uncle N is battling cancer and is now in hospice care. It hurts to see him in pain, but his family is all around him, and he is surrounded by much love.

I was able to catch up with two of his older sons, who are slightly older than me. We had some good memories when we happened to meet up growing up. The younger of the two was my partner for my cousin’s cotillion party, helped me with math problems (weird fractions) during practices for the cotillion, and was my partner for one of my High School dances. I am glad that they are both well.

May this family be surrounded with love, and may good memories ease the pain in their hearts, during this most difficult time.