20140422-062332.jpgThis is the second week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week two focuses on connecting with the seven chakra centers to “build a grounded state of peace and possibility.” Week two will activate what we found within last week.

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Day 8: Activating Security (Om Dakini Namaha)

Oprah mentions in the meditation that we activate our happiness by focusing on our dreams and desires, and seeing them as “wonderful little clues that guide us to a state of happiness, in all areas of our lives.”

Today, we activate the sacral chakra. It is the seat of self-worth, creativity, sexuality, relationships, happiness, pleasure, and bliss, and activates emotional satisfaction.

Deepak mentions that in Indian tradition, desire is celebrated as a divine gift, because desire “motivates us to get up in the morning to seek satisfaction and happiness.”

By focusing on and nurturing what we love to be, to do, to have, to experience… we can bring them closer into manifesting in our lives.

Today’s centering thought is “my life energy is bringing me pleasure.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is om rakini namaha, which means “I activate my happiness.”

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