20140420-144039.jpgI am grateful for a wonderful day with family.  Today is such a beautiful day in Northern California.  Outside, it is warm, but there is a beautiful cool breeze.

We have a potluck today, and I always enjoy my time with family.  My family is crazy funny, loving, and always laughing and joking.  New friends who come over to our parties leave as part of the family, and always thoroughly fed.  It is always a boisterous and fun time, even if we are just eating, watching a basketball game, or just simply being there, hanging out.

Today is the first day of my 100 Happy Days project, and my photo entry is the rambutan (pictured above) from Hawaii.  This is a South Asian fruit, almost like a lychee.  My mom has a co-worker who procures wholesale fruit from all over the world, so through this connection, we are able to eat some yummy tropical fruits.

The rambutan, as mentioned, is like a lychee, but it is much delicate in texture and taste.  The skin isn’t spiky, but is hard.  You have to squeeze the top of the fruit until the skin tears in half, and then you peel the skin off.  The majority of the fruit is the core or seed, so for the size of the fruit, you really only get a small amount of fruit, but it is worth it.  If you have a chance to try it, try to pick the ones that give way to the touch, but snap back, that means, it is just the right ripeness.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday.