20140412-231748.jpgYesterday afternoon, as I was about to leave to pick up the food I ordered for the Bradley vs. Pacquiao Potluck party I was going to, my car battery died. I am truly grateful and lucky that it happened at home.

During the party, someone suggested betting on the fight. It was just for $5, but I had spent all my cash on the food. They insisted I play, so I put in $3 ($1 was in quarters, LOL), and I said, “I guess I’ll owe the winner $2.”

We pulled numbers for the round, and I had the 12th round. I guess I was doubly lucky! I won $58.

Today, I am buying a new battery for my car, but I have family helping me to drive to get it and to replace it too! I am grateful to be thrice lucky!