20140412-200356.jpgI need to backtrack to a few posts, because they need some attention.  So here we go…

20140111-205612.jpgLiebster Award: Tina Pumfrey was wonderfuly kind to nominate me for the Liebster Award, but I have not completed the acceptance.  I need to answer her questions, compile a list of nominees, and also create 10 questions to ask. I hope to complete this before end of month.

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20140129-235632.jpgThe 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse: I wanted to do Debbie Ford’s Consciousness Cleanse to release barriers, release resistance, and to release fears (especially pertaining to love).  I was very excited to start this cleanse, but it took me a long while to go through and understand what it required me to do.  Still I had a hard time with the exercises, and I wasn’t getting the most out of it as I had hoped.

A part of the problem was that I became distracted with some others books I had acquired that I wanted to try and seemed more compatible with.  I still want to try this, but probably after I get through the other books and meditations (including Kimberly Saeed’s Amazing Meditation on Acceptance and Self-Love and the upcoming Oprah and Deepak’s Finding Your Flow meditation journey).

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Bucket List: Trust The Flow # 1: As mentioned in my blog post, this was a very hard item for me to do.  I didn’t mention what I was doing, but I will let you know what I was trying to do–which was to just surrender and let go completely for 30 – 60 days.  I was going to mindfully do this and not control the outcome of any situation.  I was going to trust in the natural unfolding of events in my life and let God.

It started well.  I had some minor and profound experiences during the first couple of weeks. However, soon after that, we had a series of family emergencies (and some miracles from them too).  Uncle M, by the way, is doing well, and healing, albeit slow.  After his immediate family was told to make a decision regarding his life, he pulled through.  The family is hopeful that he will recover as much as possible, from his diagnosis. Eventually, I also succumbed to stress and a crazy schedule–which brought on a minor set back of my own.

I started to have a hard time with this journey, and I started to resist.  I couldn’t stay mindful every moment.  So I need a do over.  I’m glad, that for some things in our lives, we can do that.

What I did notice was that I have been trying to surrender and let go, especially when I was having a hard time, during the last few months.  It wasn’t every moment, but I think surrendering and letting go has become easier.  Expecting miracles has become easier.  Resistance has become less and less, and I was beginning to trust more and more.

I am starting again this coming Monday.  I am going to surrender and let go for 45 days.  This will be a great time to start for me and 45 days will be a great length of time too, as my first bucket list trip is coming up soon. How incredible to surrender and let go to absolutely new places, discoveries, experiences, and adventures…

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