The Atidecrem Life Project in on YouTube

The Atidecrem Life Project in now on YouTube

I did a lot of housekeeping relating to my blog today, and I am grateful that I have finished most of them. For one thing, my Facebook page was in dire need of an update… about two months worth of posts! Yikes! Luckily I have finished that, but it took a while because I was listening to the playlists I created on my new YouTube channel.  I hope to use my YouTube channel to document my bucket list adventures, especially since my very first bucket list trip is coming up!  Yes, next month! YAY!

There is also another project I wanted to start, and I needed either a Twitter or an Instragram account.  I didn’t know which to use, so I decided to create both accounts to figure them out. I will write about this project soon and I hope you can join me on this new adventure!  And since I signed up for so many, why not add Pinterest, too!  LOL!  That one will take me a while to set up though.

To be honest, I never intended to amass so many social media accounts, which also meant remembering so many more passwords, but my links are below, should you want to follow and let me know if you have social media accounts, because I would love to follow you, too!


The Atidecrem Life Project social media links:



Pinterest  (still crafting my boards)


YouTube  (only some playlists for now)