20140405-104502.jpgI like looking for interesting things to eat, so it was truly an adventure when I first purchased and tasted this type of Korean melon. Later I found a Korean Market closer to where I live, and found all kinds of Korean melons that I have never seen before. That day, I must have purchased three different kinds solely on smell. 😉

20140405-105024.jpg If you find this at a Korean or Asian market, pick one that smells fruity (ripening) and a little firm. Wash and peel the skin. Cut it in half, core the seeds out, and cut it in bite-sized morsels.

It has a honeydew taste, but a much more floral scent. I tend to eat my fruits while it is ripening so that they are not too sweet. This particular melon is crispy and sweet, but exactly not too sweet for my taste. Just perfect for me! At this point of crunchiness, it would be lovely to eat with a sliver of prosciutto for a sweet and salty snack. I believe this type of melon sweetens as it ripens.

(For 4/4/14)

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