20140317-223145.jpgMy Acupuncturist told me to have a nightly, very hot foot bath. I just started to do it and hope it will help. The idea is for the toxins in the body to leech out through the feet through these foot baths. I do like them, but I just don’t know how to sit still! HaHa!

It’s giving me some time to slow down and reflect as the water cool. I’ve been struggling a bit about a few things lately, about things in which I am not sure what to do, and times like these help.

Having pockets of quiet reflection are what I haven’t really been getting lately, so there’s been a feeling of pressure and stress. So I am glad that my Acupuncturist insisted that I do nightly foot baths. They are pretty relaxing and it’s giving me some time to just chill and relax.

Even my mini panther caught up with me and has decided to flop down next to me and purr like mad. It’s like double relaxation time. 🙂