It is very funny that when we give up something, we totally miss it!

As I wrote before, I am no longer Catholic; although, I do go to prayers, novenas, and church with family, out of respect for my old religion and for the miracles that Divine Mercy and St. Faustina has graced our family. My Auntie J would say I never really left, and for the most part, she has a point because I still retain, what I feel, are some of the best part of Catholicism in my own personal Faith.

I have gone days and weeks not eating meat before, but for some reason, faced with the decision of giving it up, it’s hard. I crave it knowing (and because) I can’t have it. LOL!

So I have to have stuff around I can eat on Fridays to help me through. One of those is Hake en Pappilote–which is hake fish wrapped in parchment paper. Luckily, I had one left in my freezer, because I haven’t seen it for awhile at Trader Joe’s. It is so good with zucchini and tomatoes in pesto sauce, and great as a healthy, low calorie dish.

On an aside, hake is a good, white fish, but not so sturdy. I found out the hard way when I used it to cook Sichuan Boiled Fish. The fish broke apart. If you get it frozen, when thawed, squeeze it to remove excess water, and it can fry well as tempura.

So far the last couple of Fridays, I have been eating a lot of tempura fish and vegetables and grilled shrimp. I crave meat the most on Fridays, and not so much on other days. Right now, Saturdays sates the Friday meat cravings! Funny, huh?

Did you give up anything recently (for lent or for any reason)? How is that going for you?

(For 3/14/14)