Day 145 (3/7/14):
It was a rough week with lots of work to do and recovering while doing so. I am grateful it is Friday! I’ve decided to go off the grid–to do some resetting.

Day 146 (3/8/14):
I am grateful at how people can be über resourceful. 😉

My cousin celebrated his 21st birthday, but birthday candles could not be found! No worries!

Day 147 (3/9/14):
I am grateful for video games that use up all your time, but relieves stress–when the game itself doesn’t give it! HaHa!

This image is from Harvest Moon: A New Beginning for 3DS. In the multi-player part of the game, you can encounter super-sized animals to interact with!

I am grateful for video games! Sometimes when I am super stressed and overwhelmed, a couple of days of game time helps me de-stress and renew again.

This game takes a long time time to play, and not sure when I can resume. I have started making notes so that the next time I play this, I will know what I need to do! LOL