NaBloPoMo March 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
When or where do you feel most like yourself?

I think that I am most like myself when I am alone by myself.  When I am alone by myself and doing something cool or I am passionate about, that’s a pretty happy and joyful time for me.  Not that I am a loner, but it’s also important to have your own thing, separate from others, that feed your soul.

Also, for some reason, ever since my last medical leave where I did a mind, body, and spirit overhaul, I have become much more emotional.  This, I think is partly due to my work on being more grateful for many things in my life on a daily basis, and for expecting miracles as well, however big or small.  The other part is due to allowing myself to experience and give in to my emotions more.

I’m still getting used to this, especially when I read or watch something that touches my heart, I find tears rolling down my cheeks immediately.  This just happened after I watched the new episode, on demand, of the “Little Couple” when they picked up their new daughter in India.  There was a scene when their toddler son, Will, kissed his new sister’s foot and then did a lot of big brother stuff, as well as sharing and welcoming her.  It was so heartwarming.

So it seems that being more emotional is becoming a part of me now, and hope to start getting used to that too.