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I am grateful for so much today. Usually, I choose a highlight or two for my blog, but I wanted to share more.

I am grateful for the contractor who was helping me at work. Today was his last day and he worked with me for over 10 months on the largest and most visible project at work.

My manager took my contractor, another co-worker, and I to lunch today to thank my contractor but also to thank my co-worker and I on all the work we did on the project which is nearing the end (sort of). As the lead on this project for my region, I feel really happy about this, and I am always grateful for free yummy food. 😉

I am grateful for more rain, because we have a drought situation in California. We need it. However, there was a LOT of rain today, so I am equally grateful for my all weather tires that kept me safe on my drive home.

I am grateful to have worked on location today where I could visit an Asian market for a few items.

I am grateful for central heat. I do not want to take warmth for granted.

I just got a text from my mom that her wireless router stopped working. That was a long-lived router as it used to be mine nearly 10 years ago. I am grateful for my working router that enabled me to do a lot of work today, post some stuff on a forum, and later to post this. Looks like I will need to be on hand to set up a new wireless router for her soon. HaHa!

I love the smell of snuggle fabric softener, so doing laundry for me is not a chore at all. The best is when you have freshly laundered sheets, and you are surrounded by that lovely smell as you sleep! As a plus, my closet is also filled with snuggle-scent. It’s heaven!

(For 3/30/14)

I love the rain. I wish I could stay, snuggled in bed, warmed by blankies, and listening to the rain making a timpani outside the window. And yet, why do I feel like wanting to shirk everything and play in the rain, and feel raindrop kisses on my skin? 😉

I, also, have a new favorite song! I had to dance and sing to! Enjoy!

I am grateful for a much needed retreat–to unwind, relax, and renew!

Have a wonderful weekend to all!

20140327-194114.jpgI am grateful for French café fare. One of my friends and I shared a tarte flambée with duck confit, caramelized shallots, gruyère cheese, toasted hazelnuts & arugula, all with a side of pomme frites! So yum!

20140326-201934.jpgI am grateful for mini journals, like my current one pictured. It is small and thin and can accompany me to record my adventures, gratitudes, and activities to mind, body, and soul wellness. It also keeps records of misadventures and lessons I have learned from them. It is my burden keeper.

Do you have a journal or another medium in which to help you?

I am truly grateful to my Acupuncturist today. I have been dealing with some issues including a worry regarding my knee (which I had broken during martial arts before), and it was feeling weak and unstable. She helped me with the new issues, explained a lot of things, and answered many of my questions regarding Chi, Yang, etc. (that somehow I understood, and it’s not because I am part Chinese). I am thankful for her, and the many people in my life who help me with my health!

I am grateful that the engine check on my car turned out to be just a need to replace my sparkplugs, and my Uncle R was wonderful to diagnose the issue and replace them for me!

I am also grateful to my Dentist. I am happy to have such a cool one. She is a perfectionist when it comes to teeth, but mostly because she is truly a wonderful lady who has a warm smile and heart. She doesn’t know about this blog, so I am just really grateful!

(For 3/24/14)

I am grateful for Family Support. When someone is sick, the family comes together. It was a little rough when an aunt had to go to the ER this morning, but she has a lot of support (we fill up waiting rooms with our solidarity and support). She is home now and is resting.

20140322-092405.jpgThe cool part is that when I upload this post, I will receive the cool trophy image that I have posted my 200th post! That is truly something to be grateful for.

Thank you for your support, for reading my blog, and for sharing with me too! May you have a fabulous weekend! It’s what I am aiming for!

Update after posting: 😉


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