Something unexpected came in through snail mail! A “thank you” card!

It came from Uncle M‘s brother’s wife, who came to care for her husband, who was hospitalized here in the U. S. after visiting Uncle M.

Besides a lovely message of “thanks,” she also wrote down how we met.

A few weeks ago, I had asked my cousin if they needed anything before I visited the hospital. She asked me to purchase lunch for an Auntie L who had stayed overnight and she gave me a different hospital room. I had thought Uncle M was moved to another room.

I brought a bagful of food and water to the new room, and met Auntie L. That was when I found out that Uncle M‘s brother was hospitalized again–this time at the same hospital as Uncle M. She diverted me to Auntie J, who was with Uncle M in his room, and eventually, I sat with both Auntie J and Auntie L in the cafeteria, while they entertained me with some stories about their husbands.

It is always wonderful to meet new family members… They are family, even if not blood. To me, we are all connected.