I am grateful for meditations on love. Anything to help me keep my heart open and help me love unconditionally and without judgment is always good to try.

The series started two days ago and is supposed to help with the following, according to the series information:

1. To discover what it really means to love without conditions or judgements
2. To reignite the passion with your significant other
3. To redefine the things you think, say and do in your daily interactions with family and friends
4. To identify and appreciate the various ways love reveals itself to you across your life
5. To practice a natural cure for bouts of loneliness or depression
6. To open your heart in ways you never imagined possible

I have just started today and did days 1 and 2. The messages are simple and clear, and the meditation music and Janet’s voice are soothing. Each meditation includes a daily mantra and setting a daily intention. So far so good…

Mentors Channel’s Janet Bray Attwood’s 21 Meditations On Love