I was grateful to celebrate another year of my life! It started wonderfully (courtesy of my letter of forgiveness to myself), so I awoke with a great sense of inner peace.

I was thankful for all the birthday wishes, and even some serenades!

I had taken a few hours off from work and visited the hospital where I had a good 1:1 conversation with Auntie J, and we gave Uncle M acupressure and reflexology massage. While I was working on his left hand, he moved it, and even the nurse was surprised and happy to see that. Each day, Uncle seems to be getting better and better!

I even had a chat with a friend on the way home (on speaker) whom I haven’t connected with in months.

I met up with some friends who treated me like a princess and gave me some awesome gifts. In San Francisco, we ate delicious Peruvian-style food and we shared four different slices of pies for dessert.

It was a fabulous day!

[The image above was of the front part of a birthday card given to me. The inside greeting states “May all your dreams take flight this year!” 2014 is going to be the best year ever so I hope all my dreams come true too!]

(For 2/11/14)