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I love coconut oil! It has so many uses, and it especially leaves my skin so soft and moisturized, especially since cold weather can be harsh on my skin. (I’m not a fan of using it as a coffee creamer though…)

Look what else you can use it for:
101 Uses For Coconut Oil

Something unexpected came in through snail mail! A “thank you” card!

It came from Uncle M‘s brother’s wife, who came to care for her husband, who was hospitalized here in the U. S. after visiting Uncle M.

Besides a lovely message of “thanks,” she also wrote down how we met.

A few weeks ago, I had asked my cousin if they needed anything before I visited the hospital. She asked me to purchase lunch for an Auntie L who had stayed overnight and she gave me a different hospital room. I had thought Uncle M was moved to another room.

I brought a bagful of food and water to the new room, and met Auntie L. That was when I found out that Uncle M‘s brother was hospitalized again–this time at the same hospital as Uncle M. She diverted me to Auntie J, who was with Uncle M in his room, and eventually, I sat with both Auntie J and Auntie L in the cafeteria, while they entertained me with some stories about their husbands.

It is always wonderful to meet new family members… They are family, even if not blood. To me, we are all connected.

I am grateful for my free oil change this morning.

While waiting, Good Morning America is on and is featuring two Spelling Bee contestants who have gone 66 rounds and are still tied! Wow! These kids are awesome! Good luck, Sophia Hoffman and Kush Sharma!

I am grateful for the gift of cooking. I love to cook and create dishes. I also enjoy recreating dishes I encounter, by look and taste. Cooking is one of my many outlets and passions, and allows me to be creative, even when on a diet.

For dinner to share, I made salad with cilantro dressing. I am not into beans overly much, but I added white kidney beans for protein with shredded parmesan cheese and lightly salted fried onions. I also made crab, clams, and corn soup.

Thanks to S for sharing this with me. What a fun vid! I am grateful, always, for anything that livens up things!

I am always grateful for when family gathers to remember and celebrate those who have passed and to pray together to request healing for those in need. Collective prayers are always so much stronger.

20131108-070131.jpgMusic inspires me. All the time, it either moves me or I move to it. Then there are songs that empower me!

“Happy” by Pharrell Williams – I play this to lift me up when I am down or if I need to elevate my happiness to umpteenth degree.

“Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities – When this plays on the radio, it’s like a message to me that “all is well.” I use this when I need to feel okay.

“Unconditional Love” by Katy Perry – It used to be a song I play to visualize a giving of unconditional love to someone. I use it now for visualizations for myself and for humanity.

“The Prayer” by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion – an “all will be well” song.

“Let Go” by Demi Lovato – To help with letting go.

“All You Need Is Love” – Glee Cast or The Beatles – Love is all that matters…

“Only Hope” by Mandy Moore – I use this for going with the flow and for hope and faith.

(For 2/21

What are your “Empower Me” songs?


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I am grateful for very generous friends! We had dinner at a Hawaiian lounge, with a surprise Chocolate Dream Cake for me and another friend, who will be celebrating a birthday next month. On top of that, the painting class was still yet another birthday gift!
We had fun getting our creative thing on!

Yesterday, we had hamachi poké and a Hawaiian-style Ahi poké salad, so I was still craving some.

I grabbed some hamachi (yellowtail) and ikura (salmon roe), and made a healthier version of poké with just enough sesame oil to taste but not load the poké with extra calories. So yum!


“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I am grateful for another afternoon to be of service to the community.

Today, we sorted out and bagged 9,000 pounds of clementines (although, some oranges snuck in to the party!). It was refreshing to smell beautiful citrus as we worked.

Did you know that smelling the rinds of oranges make you feel happy? The clementines added more sweetness and cutieness to the mix.

The volunteer name tag ball has been growing for over 14 months, and the wall of t-shirts represents most of the volunteers from several Bay Area companies. My company sports red shirts.

It was a great day! I’m off to dinner with friends, followed by a painting event.

The way I ate got derailed about a month ago. With all that has happened with the family, my eating schedule and what I ate tipped over to the bad side.

I started, almost a week ago, to eat smaller meals every few hours that were a whole lot healthier. I am grateful that my body is getting more used to my eating plan and lower caloric intake, because a few days ago, I had to warn a co-worker who likes to tease me, “don’t mess with me! I’m on a diet. I’m ferocious when I’m hungry!” He quipped by telling my boss, and continuously tells me to eat sugar!

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