I arrived at the hospital today as some family members were about to leave for lunch. Auntie J is still having a hard time eating and didn’t want to go with them. She came down the hallway before the others left, walking with someone, and they went to the garden.

I stayed and waited for her while she had a talk with that someone who ended up being one of the interfaith chaplains at the hospital.

The Chaplain had been upstairs when he felt the urge to go downstairs to the main floor. At about the same time, two nurses were helping my sobbing aunt to the Chapel/Meditation room. He knew, upon seeing her, he needed to be there for her.

I met Rev. Jacob when they finished their talk and prayer, and he had such a sunny smile and peaceful way about him. He is young, but had experienced so much, including losing his mother at 20. He was able to provide a way for my aunt to express the pain she felt, and he gave her peace and compassion. He even came back to bring information about crying (as Auntie was trying not to cry) and how it helps with healing and also a handmade rosary (which was the last one the chapel had). He is going to give my Uncle an anointment for the sick, as well as blessings.

I am grateful for Rev. Jacob for his gift of compassion and peace to my Auntie J. I believe he is truly an Earth Angel sent to comfort others.

Disclaimer: Image courtesy of prokerala.com.