HeavenIsIn October of 2013, I was in a book store and I purchased the book, Heaven Is For Real, for Auntie J. I remember her mentioning earlier that she heard about a story of a small boy who had died medically and after being brought back to life had stories of his brief stay in heaven.  I still have not read the book, but it touched not only Auntie J, but my Grand-Aunt Jeannie, who passed away earlier in the week.

Grand-Aunt Jeannie was always religious, and after being diagnosed with uterine cancer, she started to change.  She was finding peace about her past, her family, her life, and her sickness.

The thing was… Grand-Aunt Jeannie told everyone they were able to get all the cancer cells out.  What she didn’t say was what was really happening, and with her decision to not have chemotherapy, the cancer had spread to her entire body. Her extended family did not know…  We did not know…

Auntie J and I spoke earlier about Grand-Aunt Jeannie.  She told me about how she lent Heaven Is For Real to Grand-Aunt Jeannie, and how they would converse about the story a lot, about Jesus, and about heaven.

Auntie J told me that Grand-Aunt Jeannie had visited her a few weeks ago to return the book, even though Grand-Aunt Jeannie just stayed in the car.

There is a lot of surprising and shocking information we are just finding out. We didn’t know how sick she was.  Auntie J and my mom were the last to see her alive, and she had died alone.  I feel so very sad about this.  I didn’t even know she had passed away until I received the funeral information yesterday, and even then, I was shocked.

Grand-Aunt Jeannie struggled over the years because of a lot of anger and resentment, but Auntie J told me that Grand-Aunt Jeannie told her she was able to let go of them, and somehow the book helped.  As one of her last gifts to Auntie J, two weeks ago, Grand-Aunt Jeannie sent her a book on CD called The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven.

I am grateful that Grand-Aunt Jeannie found peace. I am grateful she is no longer suffering.  I am saddened she chose to not have Chemo, but that was her choice. I just wished we were there with her and she hadn’t been alone.