20140119-142440.jpgMy Saturday started with a very brisk, early morning walk. I had started late, and a friend was going to pick me up at 10:00 a.m., so somehow I was surprised to finish my 5-mile walk in about an hour and 20 minutes.

Surprisingly enough, there were a lot of people out playing already around that time…. even the robin pictured above, atop a dried cat tail, was up early.

I only had enough time to get home, shower, and pack a few items for the day when my friend picked me up.  Then off to meet another friend in another city to go to yet another friend’s house in another city.

As we were moving items from one car to another, in my haste, I hit the front top of my head on the car door frame.  I think it gave me brain fart the rest of the day, and made me want to just close my eyes and rest my head.

What did happen that made a profound effect was an e-mail I received from my mom on some funeral information.  I was shocked enough to want to sit down.  I saw the name on it, but perhaps also because of the head bash a few hours earlier, I had to keep rereading it.  My maternal grandmother’s baby sister (the last of her living siblings) had passed away.  In a text with my cousin, she told me she found out about it earlier in the week via Facebook.  I had not logged into my personal FB account for a couple of weeks…

I was with my friends who were creating their vision boards for 2014. I had already completed mine, so I was there to work on something else and just to hang out.

I was deeply grateful for their support and their company.  Between the literal head bash and the e-mail about my grand-aunt, I was a little shocked. I think I went through Saturday in a bit of a daze.

(For 1/18/14)