FamilyI went to pay my respects to my co-worker and friend, P‘s, family.  As I entered the funeral home, I saw P‘s late brother’s wife speaking to the Priest who was going to officiate the prayer tonight.  She was speaking to him about her late husband, N, in such a loving way.

After the prayer, P‘s other older brother, spoke about how it was like growing up with his older brother and how he had looked up to him.  N‘s youngest son and then, lastly, his widow, spoke about his life and of his last days.

It’s often hard for me to go to wakes such as this, but although there was sadness for their loss, the family’s faith and solidarity felt really strong. Although I prayed that they will be alright in all ways–emotionally, psychologically, and financially, I really felt that this family, especially N‘s immediate family, was going to be alright, without any doubt.

They also felt and expressed their gratitude for N‘s life.  His widow spoke of how grateful they were that they had more time with him.  N had not known he was sick or how much his cancer had spread to his entire body. He never suffered until the very end.  He was able to enjoy his life with his family, and he felt he did not have any unfinished work, even if his life, at 51 years, was short.

I am grateful to know that N’s family will be alright. I am sure he will watch over them all to ensure that too. 🙂

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