20140115-180907.jpgWhen I was in college, I took an art class.  I aced the self-portrait by charcoal.  I have always been good at doing portraits (some interesting innate gift I found out one day). However, I sucked at perspective drawing. I had a very hard time with spatial relational drawing or drawing lines that converged.

So it was weird that when I got home the other day that I just noticed the bird nest on the tree out front!  The leaves have all fallen off a while ago, so why did I just notice the bird nest?

I guess it was also a perspective thing.

When the tree was at its peak, all lush with green leaves, I would have probably heard the birds that decided to make it home, but I would not have seen them or their home.  Now that it’s Winter and the tree is bare, that was the only way I could have seen the nest.

I guess, that’s true in life too. Sometimes, we can’t see things for their beauty or even for what they truly are until after a change occurs, like a change in seasons. Sometimes, we have to change our perspectives to always see beauty or the good in everything or everyone.

I am grateful for a lesson in perspectives today.