I love picking up a book and randomly opening it up for a piece of wisdom.  I love it even more when it seems to answer or relate to something I am going through at the moment.

In the 2010 version of Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude for May 25, entitled “Finding Ms. Amy,” Patty Hedrick wrote about a woman who changed the course of her destiny.

When she was young, she had an opportunity to take off from school and travel for a year, but she knew if she had left nursing school, she wouldn’t go back.  At a nursing home she worked at, there was a 103-year-old lady named Amy Cook, who told Patty that whenever she was in a crossroads in her life, she would make major life decisions as if she was in her deathbed.  This helped Patty decide what to do for herself back then.

What an interesting message, right?  I feel this message resonates with me right now, not only because I am in a crossroads, but also because I am living my life to the fullest I can make it to be.  To not have regret in life… To live life fully… What a great way to decide!

I am grateful for all the different ways wisdom flows to us, especially when we are open to receive them.