I am so grateful for this award from Nerd In The Brain Wow! It was the first gift that “flowed” into my life today, and certainly gave my soulful adventure and bucket list item on Trust The Flow, a wonderful blessing and send off!  It made me smile! It made my morning! It made my day! It’s gonna make my month! What a truly cool gift this year! This is going into my memory box!

Thank you so much for this amazing award. I very much appreciate this!

Please visit Nerd In The Brain‘s site because it is one of the most creative blogs out there with super cool ideas to read about and do!  It promotes educational items, but also ideas and games like the Zombie Survival STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) Challenges for families and friends to do!  Their brand is cool!

Oh, and please check out the microbes!  I think Eli is the best!

Nerd In The Brain
The Spectacular Blog Award from Nerd In The Brain