The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar community’s goal is to reach 10,000 acts of kindness over the next 25 days–“for it’s better to give than to receive.”

If you would like to join me each day until December 25, please follow the daily prompt from this post or my daily gratitude post, and also please subscribe to the link below. By subscribing, you will get the link to enable you to make your acts of kindness count towards the goal of 10,000 AoK.

Daily prompts:
December 1: Phone a friend
December 2: Give compliments
December 3: Be kind to animals
December 4: Random acts of candy
December 5: Create ripples of smiles
December 6: It’s a surprise (surprise a loved one and say “Surprise!”
December 7: Write a kind rhyme (for someone or group of people and send it)
December 8: Be kind to yourself
December 9: Be kind to the planet
December 10: Send a hand-written card
December 11: Fix something for someone
December 12: Thank a do gooder
December 13: High five Friday
December 14: Teach someone something
December 15: Call your mom
December 16: Leave kind sticky notes
December 17: Give to the needy
December 18: Give the gift of music
December 19: Turn on your kindness radar
December 20: Pay it forward
December 21: Give a possession away
December 22: Ask “How Are You?” and really listen
December 23: Let someone go ahead of you
December 24: Send love
December 25: Have a Merry Christmas!

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