Today started with updating my Acts of Kindness post with Day 25’s prompt, after sleeping in a little.  We finished 25 days of kindness together!  How cool was that?

My mom, brother, sister, and I celebrated Christmas at a Chinese restaurant for lunch today, and then some shopping afterwards. After some time together, we all went to our respective homes.  It wasn’t glamorous, but I spent the rest of Christmas doing some chores that I couldn’t get to, and soon after writing this post, I will do some relaxation and meditation exercises to ready myself for bed.  In all honesty, I really need sleep the most.  I’m beat!

I hope you had some beautiful time spent with family and friends today. May the rest of your holiday season bring you warmth, blessings, and miracles. Happy Kwanzaa also to those celebrating this holiday starting tomorrow.

I am grateful for more family time and also time for myself this Christmas Day.