20131225-194716.jpgIt is traditional for the maternal side of my family to meet today for dinner, gift giving, gift unwrapping, and an all out, no holds barred trivia game where you win a prize for each correct answer, courtesy of one of my aunts. The prizes (picture above) are all paid for by some poker winnings donated by her husband. 😉

Yours truly was asked to read the questions, and since my family can be pretty loud and rowdy, I had to shout to be heard and I partially lost my voice. LOL

There were plenty of food to share, including a Christmas ham, and three different kinds of soups that warded the cold.

Our family gathering on Christmas Eve were always joy filled times.  The little ones were always showered with plenty of gifts and it was still fun to watch them choose the gift wrappings or boxes to play with over the new toys.  The teens now preferred cash to gifts, and the aunts and uncles enjoyed the chance to win as they played with their lottery scratchers.  And I?  I was happy to share time with family and that I had some time to rest, because save for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, I am not taking any vacation time.

I am grateful for family time.

I hope your holiday season is blessed with abundance, joy, and happiness.

(for 12/24/13)