I am grateful for the hardest working machine in my life, besides my iPhone… my Acer Aspire laptop. In a previous post, I called it my “hardworking document manager, keeper of secrets, and information gatherer.”  I think it is nearing its last leg, but it has been a wonderful (and relatively cheap) companion.  It has lasted quite long as well, as I purchased it nearly 4 years ago, and got it for a little over $200 with tax during a holiday sale at Target. I remember calling the store to verify they had some after seeing it on the weekly ad, dropped by the store, purchased it, and I was out of the store in like 5 minutes.  LOL.

I do have another laptop I could use, if my Aspire should expire (you know I had to rhyme that, I had to!).  I try not to use it online for fear of having to re-image it again from a virus.  I use this laptop mainly for writing.  My Acer Aspire is my work horse.  The one that could do it all, and when it does decide to stop working, I will truly miss it.  Hmm… perhaps I should remove the plastic protective stickers, don’t you think?  Sigh…

I am grateful that my Acer Aspire laptop is still semi-functioning, and is still holding on. It has been so good to me.