Today was full of miracles, and it helped that I was on a lookout for them.

So far, in week 2 of May Cause Miracles, the work I am doing on myself has gotten a lot easier. I learned so much more about myself since I started, and I was able to let go of fears that I didn’t know was still hanging around.

One of my friends, Jenny, was worried about me doing this right now. I am full-time working, full-time healing, and it’s the holidays. I joked and said, “I am an overachiever,” but like in my previous note on Fear, I had to do it… for myself. I have been gifted so much more peace, better perspectives, clarity, and another shift in awareness. What better gifts for me to receive for the holidays?

20131221-092811.jpg 20131221-092823.jpg
Yesterday’s Act of Kindness was to pay it forward. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did. The vending machine idea was an example from the prompt.

One of my co-workers lost money in the vending machine. I thought he wasn’t in the office, so I had to run away after slipping it on his desk. I got caught though.

Last night, I heard the most beautiful voice. Here is Friar Alessandro singing “Panis Angelicus.”

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