I started a gratitude jar last week. I wanted to do more to exercise my gratitude muscles.

It was so empty when I first started that I wanted to at least have it at 25% full. While I was writing out my gratitudes and adding them into the jar, I felt so at peace, joyful, and in a loving place. I started to constantly crave those feelings all the time.

Yesterday, as I was reading gratitude posts in WordPress, I came upon a post by Inspired Journeys referencing an article (link below) written by John Kralik whose life took a drastic downturn, but through gratitude, he not only found peace and was able to turn his life around, but he has helped countless others find the meaning of being grateful. It made me cry, but not in a bad way. Gratitude has a way of evoking deep heartfelt emotions in me.

In the article, John Kralik wrote a simple guide on how to write “thank you” notes, and they are:

1. Have a grateful heart.

“Try to say one true thing about why you appreciate the gift you were given. If there is still room in the short note, say one sincere thing about the person who gave it, and what that person means to you. Don’t forget to say the words “thank you.””

2. Recalling Turning Points

“After thanking all the people Emily Post recommends, I began to look beyond my immediate day-to-day circumstances for persons to whom I needed to write a thank-you note.”

3. The Basics: On Pen and Paper

“Handwrite your notes, in pen. Write neatly enough that someone else can read it. Perhaps because it is becoming somewhat of a lost art, handwritten notes feel special, and real, as if the person who wrote it is there with you.”

I have these personalized note cards that my good friend, G, makes (see her link below). She has gifted them to me for birthdays and I’ve also ordered customized ones for myself and others. I treasure them and use them for heartfelt thanks on special occasions. My friend, C, told me that he felt special receiving a handwritten “thank you” card. The last time I sent out handwritten notes were for Thanksgiving.

I am grateful for John Kralik’s article as it has encouraged me to start my very own set of 365 thank you notes.


John Kralik’s A Grateful Heart

The Benefits of Gratitude by Inspired Journeys

Tablit Designs for personalized cards