surrender“I surrender. Today I turn over all the fearful projections that I have placed upon myself. I release all self-doubt and attack today. In this moment, I choose to let it all go. I am willing to be guided to new projections. I am willing to love myself again. Inner Guide, please take the steering wheel and show me how to truly surrender my fear so I can wholeheartedly love myself again.”

That was today’s morning reflection from May Cause Miracles.  After over one week of doing the exercises from the book, I realized that there were some holes in my self-love.  I’m not happy about that realization, but at least I know and can do something about them.

When we are working on learning to love ourselves… it’s not until we are faced with certain situations, such as dating, new or current relationships (friendships, romantic, work, etc), holidays, doing exercises in books like May Cause Miracles, etc., do we get to see how much our work on ourselves has progressed.  It’s tested, but we have the choice to continue to work on ourselves.

Working to love ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do… for ourselves, but the willingness to surrender to love… to choose to release all fears, self-doubts, self-attack, and pain is a huge leap in the process. It’s the willingness… the choice to willingly face all our inner demons, makes up over 50% of the work already.

So I am grateful for the willingness to continue to work on myself and my self-love, even when I realized that I still have a lot to work on. 🙂