My Saturday was completely packed and I was so glad it was. Week one exercises of May Cause Miracles were tough so far, and even Day 6–even if it was all about miracles.

In May Cause Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein wrote that a miracle is “simply a shift in perception. The moment we choose to let go of fear and choose love instead, a miracle occurs.”

Maintaining a loving perspective 24/7, 365 days a year is extremely hard. I don’t know how the Dalai Lama does it, but maybe he can bottle that up and give us some! 😉

The closest way I can think of doing this most of the time is to be constantly aware–so when a fear or a negative emotion comes in, I could stop it and turn it back to love.

Sometimes the fear or emotion can be nagging, and when that happens, I have to do more to turn things around. There would be a point when I would allow myself to completely feel the emotion, then start a letting go process, and then followed by forgiveness. Most of the time, the works. Sometimes, I have to do the steps several times.

When I am busy though, and busy doing stuff for others like today, it becomes even easier to be in a loving space.

Today, I am grateful being busy. When my mind is occupied helping others, it’s easier for love to settle in, and when that happens, fear can’t.

(For 12/14/13)