Last night, we had rain and to be honest, I love the rain. For one thing, it cleans the air. If I am not outside playing in it, I prefer to be swaddled in bed, as the raindrops lull me to sleep (better if there was someone warm to be tangled with. 😉 )

Brrr! It was cold out there this morning when I set out to do some mild training (just 4 miles) for my upcoming 15K, with my good friend, G.

My hair was still wet from the shower when I started. I had my last haircut for the year recently, and I am again sporting a racy, short bob (short at the back and angled, longer towards the front). It may be the last haircut, as I am thinking of letting it grow out again.

Funny, but I think that the shorter my hair, the feistier I am. I seem to act more like “a lady” when I have long hair. HaHa!

Getting back to the real gist of the post, LOL, I should have worn a beanie or something. I felt a pain in my ear and I think it was due to the cold, but it was a beauty of a day!

The sky was baby blue with white, fluffy clouds. Have you ever looked up in the sky and found a cloud that looks so fluffy and thick that you wish you could lounge on it and watch the world below? There were a bunch in the sky this morning. If only you could really lounge on one…

I am grateful that the rain gave way to such a superb day… With fluffy clouds arranging themselves into various forms in the blue sky that only your imagination can name, and a bright sun streaming in boldly, warming us as we trained through the crisp, cold morning.