In life, we will encounter someone (or more than one person) that will have a certain emotional pull on us. In regards to the friend that I mentioned in my “To Be A Better Person, Woman, Friend…” post, there are some emotional triggers.

We had a good talk, but I still find myself often conflicted about this friend.

I realized that in order for me to deal with people who cause an emotional trigger in me is to be stronger in myself.

I have to reach into the self love and to find balance in order to be there for this friend, but not let myself get tangled in what this friend is going through.

This is what I have decided to do:

1. Examine what the triggers are
2. Examine how these triggers come about
3. Set boundaries

I am hoping this will help me through.

I am grateful to be able to just step aside from this situation and be objective about it, so that I can find a viable solution to emotional triggers and how I can deal with them in a better way (one that comes from a place of compassion).

Have you encountered this? How have you dealt with emotional triggers? What works? What doesn’t?

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(For 12/6/13. I felt the need to wait 24 hours before posting this…)