I really try to live a happy and joyful life. I am working hard on being more balanced so that when life throws some curveballs at me, I can take things better with stride.

However, no matter what may be going on inside, I always try to have a genuine smile on my face, and that is one of the things I am known for. At work, I am “Sunshine.”

This week, I have started working full time again in the office since medical leave. I got the “how are you?”, “welcome back,” “nice to see you,” etc.

During break, I got a “how are you doing today, Mercedita?” with a genuine smile from a Contractor helping me out on a project, and I felt his genuine concern for my wellbeing, also. I truly felt, at that moment, that someone cared.

Usually, I am the one who asks after everyone, so to get asked that, with a genuine concern to boot, it really warmed my heart.

So I am grateful that this person, S, took the time to ask after me, because sunshines like me, need that too, and we are absolutely floored and grateful when asked.

Photo credit by Dallas News