ShaunyAwardI am floored…  I am so grateful and very honored to be nominated for The Shauny Award by Ultra Love Solutions.  Thank you so much!!

This award was created for Shaun, and the idea behind it is the commitment to showing humility and love toward all others and thereby, enhancing these virtues in ourselves and others.

With this award comes a chance to nominate up to ten other blogs that exemplify humility and love also.  The following ten blogs do that for me:

The Better Man Project – A man’s journey to becoming a better man every day and sharing the lessons he learned along the way. I really enjoy reading Evan Sanders posts on what he is learning to be a better man.  It really gives me hope in meeting/finding one of those “better” men for me.

Seth Adam Smith – A Literal Odyssey.  I love Seth’s heartwarming posts, especially on love.

The Polyanna Plan – A woman’s mission to improve her health and life through positive, happy feelings. I really enjoy reading the optimistic posts in this blog.

Gotta Find A Home – Dennis Cardiff shares the plight of the homeless.  I am glad Dennis is able to capture and share stories about the homeless to promote empathy and awareness.

Thinking About Living – Thoughts and ideas about life.  I like reading about this person’s philosophy and ideas about life.

Spiritual Kindergarten for Innocent People – Observations on life from a spiritual point of view while trying to keep it “real.  I enjoy CBurn’s blog playground and the learning that is shared.

The Tudung Traveller – Raise your sights.  I like reading about Atikah Amalina’s her life journey, spirituality, and growth.

Love o’Clock – Apologues from a quirkyalone romantist.  I am a hopeless romantic so I gotta have my fix of romance.

Cristian Mihai – Thoughts and ideas about life.  I enjoy reading Cristian’s philosophy on life and writing, especially as I am an aspiring writer.

Digital Catharsis – Daily dose of inspiration for nurses. Nelson shares a lot of inspiration (not just for nurses).


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