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20131216-221609.jpgI did not want to ring in 2014 without again appreciating the gift Ultra Love Solutions gave to me.

Thank you, Ultra Love Solutions, for all the award nominations and for this gift. The coolest part about this award is how I can return it to you.

These blogs have given me so much inspiration and I hope you can visit them:

To the nominees, please follow this link for instructions on how to accept this award:

Ultra Love Solutions Blog
Award nomination from Ultra Love Solutions
Origin of the Blog of the Year 2013 award

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20131231-183941.jpgAbout the same time last year, I was ringing in 2013 still very much in pain from a herniated disc. After two short medical leaves, many kinds of treatments and therapy, two MRI’s, and one surgery consult, I am closing 2013 pain free.

A lot happened to me in 2013, but what I will take with me are all the lessons and growth that taught me the deeper meaning of the following:

  • Self-love
  • Forgiveness
  • Inner Peace
  • Gratitude
  • Choice
  • Freedom
  • Trust
  • Healing

The last seven would have been a lot harder to learn and appreciate without the first, Self-Love, and all eight taught me the meaning of unconditional love, and how to give it to others, and also to myself.

Thank you for being with me through my short journey here with this blog, and for your love and support. Please join me as I continue to grow and live my life most fully.


DaybreakI love how the sky can can give us such beautiful blending of colors each day.  This image called “Sunshine On The Morning Mist” by Baitong333 is such an example, and it goes very well with my blog’s theme colors. 😉  I love these colors!

I wish I could have taken a picture of my local sky view during my drive to work this morning. It wasn’t quite as magnificent as the image above, but the sky was equally beautiful with purple and pink hues with a very glaringly bright orange-red sun that was halfway through its ascent.

One day, Sky, I’m going to paint you in canvas and hang you on my wall, so that I will have a beautiful piece of you with me always when I am indoors.  (Note to self:  Learn how to paint…)

I am grateful for the sky’s artwork. Each day’s arrangement is always a masterpiece.

Photo credit:
“Sunshine On The Morning Mist” by Baitong333 courtesy of

20131229-164340.jpgToday was glorious! I woke up in very good spirits, and had extra time this morning to get ready for training.  I even almost forgot to pick up my training partner when I got distracted by how beautiful the morning sky was during my drive.

During our training, everything felt new and wondrous.  I had to take the picture above because it felt like a gateway to another world beckoning another adventure.

It was a more relaxing day for me. I wonder what my training partner thought of me as I continually stopped to savor each distractingly amazing moments today, some of which I captured with my phone’s camera to share with you.

20131229-164351.jpgThere was a moment when I opened my arms wide to the sun and said aloud, “it’s like a warm hug.”

It was just one of those days when everything was just perfect for me, and a whimsical day to chase after dandelion fuzz as they played “catch me, if you can.”

20131229-164359.jpgEven the birds took some time to sunbathe and relax with their peeps!

I am grateful for such a day of wonderment!


Fingertips inched higher, reaching up to the sky, until I felt my shoulders burn from my stretch and my spine lengthen.  I shut my eyes before dragging the cool, untainted air of early morning until my lungs expanded against my ribs. I caged it in, until I gave in fully to a crescendoing need to release my breath. It warmed my lips as it escaped.

We decided on 5 miles today… towards the much needed training for the looming race.  The graveled pathway was clear, yet Winter’s touch was undeniable on once green shrubbery that lined the way and kept us clear away of the bay.

Words were scant… a greeting here and there to fellow runners, a good-humored story of a Christmas gathering, a brief conversation on angels, and brief exchanges on distance and pace.

The sun casted back against the calm waters of the bay, and the water glistened glaringly.  Just halfway through our training, the sun made known its heat through the many layers I wore, and I drew the zipper of my fleece jacket downward to expose my neck and admit the cool air in.  (On an aside: My ears were toasty as I didn’t forget my ear muffs this time! 😉 )

On our return, at the 4-mile marker, I noticed the stench of car exhaust tainting the once pristine morning air. I was saddened by this, but…

I was grateful for the moment I did have respiring unsullied air while I trained this morning.

Friday! Simply because it’s Friday!

I do love my simple pleasures! 😉

Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?

20131226-205354.jpgI found a cool link today while checking the internet, and it came out as a result and it did not even have anything to do with what I was looking for! LOL! It goes to show just how much information is available out there on the internet, whether you want it or not…

There are a lot of “Life Hacks” swimming around out there too and being shared through social media, and it is always great to read them to see if there is something cool that can make my life easier, and I am always grateful for anything that can make my life simpler and easier!

In an online article for Buzz Feed, Arielle Calderon wrote about the “27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know About.” There are some tips that guys may be able to use too.

I really like things to be neat and organized, and it was great to see examples like how to use nail polish to paint keys to distinguish them, so you wouldn’t have to buy those colorful key covers.

From the article, my top three life hacks would have to be the following:

4. Hang your purses with shower curtain hooks.

14. Turn around your hangers to clean out your closet.

20. Tie your scarves and stockings to hangers for easy storage.

What’s yours?

27 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

(For 12/26/13)

Today started with updating my Acts of Kindness post with Day 25’s prompt, after sleeping in a little.  We finished 25 days of kindness together!  How cool was that?

My mom, brother, sister, and I celebrated Christmas at a Chinese restaurant for lunch today, and then some shopping afterwards. After some time together, we all went to our respective homes.  It wasn’t glamorous, but I spent the rest of Christmas doing some chores that I couldn’t get to, and soon after writing this post, I will do some relaxation and meditation exercises to ready myself for bed.  In all honesty, I really need sleep the most.  I’m beat!

I hope you had some beautiful time spent with family and friends today. May the rest of your holiday season bring you warmth, blessings, and miracles. Happy Kwanzaa also to those celebrating this holiday starting tomorrow.

I am grateful for more family time and also time for myself this Christmas Day.

20131225-194716.jpgIt is traditional for the maternal side of my family to meet today for dinner, gift giving, gift unwrapping, and an all out, no holds barred trivia game where you win a prize for each correct answer, courtesy of one of my aunts. The prizes (picture above) are all paid for by some poker winnings donated by her husband. 😉

Yours truly was asked to read the questions, and since my family can be pretty loud and rowdy, I had to shout to be heard and I partially lost my voice. LOL

There were plenty of food to share, including a Christmas ham, and three different kinds of soups that warded the cold.

Our family gathering on Christmas Eve were always joy filled times.  The little ones were always showered with plenty of gifts and it was still fun to watch them choose the gift wrappings or boxes to play with over the new toys.  The teens now preferred cash to gifts, and the aunts and uncles enjoyed the chance to win as they played with their lottery scratchers.  And I?  I was happy to share time with family and that I had some time to rest, because save for Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, I am not taking any vacation time.

I am grateful for family time.

I hope your holiday season is blessed with abundance, joy, and happiness.

(for 12/24/13)


The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar community’s goal is to reach 10,000 acts of kindness over the next 25 days–“for it’s better to give than to receive.”

If you would like to join me each day until December 25, please follow the daily prompt from this post or my daily gratitude post, and also please subscribe to the link below. By subscribing, you will get the link to enable you to make your acts of kindness count towards the goal of 10,000 AoK.

Daily prompts:
December 1: Phone a friend
December 2: Give compliments
December 3: Be kind to animals
December 4: Random acts of candy
December 5: Create ripples of smiles
December 6: It’s a surprise (surprise a loved one and say “Surprise!”
December 7: Write a kind rhyme (for someone or group of people and send it)
December 8: Be kind to yourself
December 9: Be kind to the planet
December 10: Send a hand-written card
December 11: Fix something for someone
December 12: Thank a do gooder
December 13: High five Friday
December 14: Teach someone something
December 15: Call your mom
December 16: Leave kind sticky notes
December 17: Give to the needy
December 18: Give the gift of music
December 19: Turn on your kindness radar
December 20: Pay it forward
December 21: Give a possession away
December 22: Ask “How Are You?” and really listen
December 23: Let someone go ahead of you
December 24: Send love
December 25: Have a Merry Christmas!

For more information:

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