I did some minimal shopping after dinner at a local BBQ place to try it out. Most of my purchases were for everyday needs. I did do some comparison shopping for a couple of wants (i.e. laptop) for the near future.

I did go to a local video game store with my sister (who wanted to take advantage of some deals) and found a cool game at a discounted price. I asked about it and it ended up being a very rare game with a resale value that could possibly be triple what I paid for it. So I guess I lucked out on that, if I ever want to part with it.

When I had dropped off my sister at her place, I happened to have looked up, and the stars were all out, littering the dark canvas of night. It has been awhile since the sky has been clear enough to see more than the North Star.

The indigo sky, the bright points of light, and the shapes they formed–they were beautiful… (I tried to take a picture of it, but all I got was a black screen. Here is the constellation map from NASA instead.)

The starlit sky reminded me how infinite and vast our universe is, and how blessed we are to see it especially when the night is clear. I feel that even if we are each just a tiny speck in this universe, we still each have a role.

We can each make a difference in someone’s life, in our community, for our planet, etc. We have the choice to give a gift that can be a lasting impression to someone, to something, to somewhere. How cool and awesome is that!

I am grateful to have seen the infinite beauty of the universe last night–and to be reminded that even if we are just a small dot in it, we, each one of us, make differences just as vast as our universe.

(For 11/29/13)