Nearly 6 months ago, I went to an Art/Play exhibit by Ragged Wing Ensemble to support some new friends.  As we walked in, we were given a pen and some tags to add our thoughts to some interactive displays on the wall.  I would like to share a couple of my responses.

The first three pictures were for the display “When I met (meet) the love of my life I was (I will be)…

loveofmylife2The two circles at the very top were written by the parents of one of my new friends. They were so adorable. The first said, “I was 19 and he was 21. That’s 59 years ago.” The second one said, “We have remained Friends, Lovers, and Companions since 1953.” How cute, right? I love it the most that they have been all three–Friends, Lovers, and Companions!


This couple may have already celebrated 60 years together. That is a great feat. With so many divorces out there, it is always so nice to meet couples, or hear about couples, celebrating 10, 20, to up to 60+ years of marriage!


Back then, I was working on self-love, but at that time, I didn’t yet realize that only I had the power to open my heart. I am grateful that I realized my power!


For this second display, I wrote that I was still waiting for “my Imzadi.” The term, “Imzadi” is from Star Trek: The Next Generation (I love Star Wars too). It is a Betazoid term meaning “the first person with whom one has shared not only physical intimacy, but spiritual intimacy as well.” It is synonymous to “Beloved.”

I am grateful for the anticipation of one day meeting my Imzadi!


Ragged Wing Ensemble

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