handsI received a text today in response to my latest post, “When In Doubt, Follow Your Heart.” It said, “Being in love… Overrated ;-).” To which I replied, “LOL! I figured I’d be more open to it. Haha!”

It took a lot for me to be my authentic self. I fought my way through the emotional baggages, unworthiness, and fear from an abusive relationship in order to get my life and voice back. I looked hard at myself, so I could change and learn to accept and love myself for who and what I am.

Funny that it was so much easier for me to give someone unconditional love, when I was wanting and needing it for myself. Now, I will never be wanting, because now, I love myself.

Last night, a friend told me, “You weren’t ready to give your heart to someone, but now, it feels like you are.” I laughed and said, “you should read the next post I am writing (Day 30/365 post).” I can’t say that I am not scared, because I am, but I also feel excited about it too.

By knowing and loving myself, I now know that only I can love myself the way I need to be loved. Because I love myself, I can love someone wholeheartedly without losing myself. Because I love myself, I will attract the right people to me, and one day, a man is going to knock my socks off (I hope in all ways!), and I will do the same and more (I’m an overachiever)! 😉 He will be my match in every way, and he will be my Spiritual partner as well–someone who will inspire me to be better and I will do the same.

Everything I have learned so far in life has led me to today, this moment. To fully live is to fully love. So… with my open (and better) heart, I look forward to all possibilities coming my way.

Image courtesy of tungphoto at FreeDigitalPhotos.net