On Sunday, I wrote about the numbing sensation I was feeling on my foot and up the side of my leg.  I remember that I wasn’t feeling particularly worried about it, but a part of me wanted to worry about how I was going to train for an upcoming race.

The part of me that wanted to worry is the part I am trying to let go off.  It is the part that wants to overthink about my situation–to find answers and solutions, until the situation has been laid bare and naked, and shivering from the cold inspection.

I would joke around and say that I get paid (at work) to overthink, but I know what kind of havoc it creates in my personal life.

I decided to distract myself by reading blog posts about gratitude, and came upon the post, “Trust, And The Answers Will Come – Day 283 of The Pollyanna Plan“, and there it was, just what I needed…


So I decided, then and there, that I would not let the part of me that wanted to worry to have a chance to run around in my head–not on Sunday, not on Monday, and not even this morning, when I spoke to my manager about it.  Then the answer came to me, after I received a text from my personal trainer letting me know that he couldn’t meet with me today…

In a previous post, I wrote that I am still working on being patient, especially with healing. I tend to “forget” that my body has limitations right now, especially when I am not feeling any pain. It is usually only when something happens with my body, do I listen to it.

The numbness was my body letting me know, “Hey! You’re not back to normal yet.” Once I realized that, part of the numbness went away almost immediately.  While on the phone with my good friend, R, discussing what had happened, I realized that if all the numbness went away, I would just “forget” my current limitations yet again.

So today, I am deeply grateful to my body and for the important message it conveyed to me.  My tasks now are to listen to it more, and most of all, take better care of it.


The Pollyanna Plan