20131102-090512.jpgPatience and I do not often get along. Like the cartoon above by Doug Savage, I often like things “now.”

Although we clash often, I am very grateful to Patience, when I am open to learning from her.

I am grateful when she slows me down so that I can pay attention and be present… so that I can savor each moment.

I am grateful when she reminds me (sometimes painfully) that complete healing is a slow process, not to be rushed. Just because I feel like everything is back to normal, I still need to be very gentle with my body.

I am grateful because some of my most beautiful memories come from slow, burning moments.

I am grateful to be reminded that inner peace and wisdom come from being patient, quiet, and eager to learn.

I still have a long way to go in learning fully from Patience, but hopefully, by appreciating the good she brings into my life, I can be better at being patient; although, this may be a lifelong study…