I am grateful for my Uncle O. and Auntie R. who love me so much, they woke up at 4:00 a.m. to take me to the airport for my early morning flight.

I am grateful to hear Bruno Mars’ song, “Treasure,” soon after requesting a song for inspiration from God.

I am grateful for this tasty meal at the airport. It really warded off the cold, but it really looked like it was staring at me while I ate! ;D

I am grateful for my friend G., who picked me up from the airport!

I am grateful for my Mom and Sis who took care of my mini panther while I was away.

I am grateful to know that my friend, R., looked well when I visited the hospital, and may be discharged soon.

I am grateful for the chance to help my friend, S., with her CD release party, and to have watched a fantastic show!

(For 10/27/13)