I am grateful for my friend’s insight.

I showed my working bucket list to a few of my friends. I am so excited about what I am about to embark on that I was worried that I put a lot on my list that may not be doable within 5 years.

While just hanging out, my good friend, S, said… “You know, I don’t think you have any material things you want to get on your list? Can I see it again?”

So she took a look and she was right. The things on my list are all about experiences–places to explore, people I want to meet, activities I want to try, and food I want to taste.

I think I learned earlier on when I acquired a lot of things that they didn’t truly make me happy, so I am glad that my bucket list only reflect things that do! I am grateful for what I learned earlier on in life that is helping me be real and know what ARE more important in my life.

S then showed me the video below which I remembered seeing a long time ago, but made me happy to see again.